Do you know the Mocén “Special Selection” Verdejo?

Mocén is the range of wines that give the name to this winery, with a unique character and with a defined objective: to be the benchmark and the way to follow throughout the denomination of origin.

Worked from the first moment with the best and most avant-garde techniques, the vineyards, owned by Bodegas Mocén, are harvested at night to avoid oxidation of the Verdejo grape. To do this, they use stainless steel trailers to transport the grapes from the vineyard to the winery.

Once there, the musts obtained by pressing the grapes are filtered through a vacuum pump.

Later, the fermentation is carried out in two ways: the white juice will be the cooling to continue with its aromas, while the red juice is stirred with its lees to, finally, descend to the centennial wineries of Bodegas Mocén, where they rest. for a long time in American and French oak barrels.


Golden yellow, of medium intensity, with some greenish reflections. It is a wine that is very broad on the nose, with intense aromas of the Verdejo variety, composed of hay and ripe tropical fruit.

In the mouth it is fresh, fruity, unctuous, broad, consistent, round and balanced, making it very easy to drink. It is a Verdejo that is served cold (around 7º and 9º) and is especially recommended for appetizers, fish and seafood.

The Mocén “Selección Especial” (Verdejo) does a quality screening at three levels: field selection, must selection and wine selection.

Regarding the selection in the field, a winemaker evaluates each year which are the best plots (according to age of the vine, state and type of soil and development of the grape that year), so that only the grapes from said hawthorn are considered for the elaboration.

On the other hand, in the selection of the must, the highest quality is obtained by applying low pressure in the press. Only yolk must and first pressing (low pressure) are used to make this wine.

Finally, in the selection of the wine, during and at the end of the fermentation, new tastings at the foot of the tanks are carried out by the winemaker to make the final selection.

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