If we go to Roa de Duero, in the heart of Burgos, we can find the cheese factory of one of the most prestigious gourmet products in Spain: the Páramo de Guzmán. Considered one of the best cheeses at the international level, it has won three great prizes: a gold medal in Tarro de Oro (1990); gold medal at Expo Láctea (1989); and a silver medal at The London International Cheese Show (1987).

Undoubtedly, its artisanal process, starring the maximum respect for the raw material and the unique and exclusive use of raw milk from churra sheep, has earned it mentions and outstanding recognitions from prestigious international newspapers such as The New York Times or The Wall Street Journal, media that have known how to value the quality of this gourmet product, as well as the history of the town and the people that surround this cheese.

Thus, in 2000, the American writer Michael Paterniti called the Páramo de Guzmán “the best cheese in the world.” Under this label, he made him the protagonist of his best seller The Telling Room, a story of tradition, family and craftsmanship that was born when Paterniti fell in love with Castilian cheese after a family trip to Spain. This allowed him to know all the details about the family and the cheese in question that had fallen in love with him ten years ago.


Since 1985, Páramo de Guzmán cheese is characterized by the meticulous artisanal process with which it is made. The process begins with the milking of the oldest and noblest of the Castilian sheep breeds: the churra sheep.

The production of these cheeses is made only twice a year, in spring and autumn, times when the pastures have the highest concentration of aromas and flavors that identify Páramo de Guzmán: thyme, rosemary and sage.

Only fresh milk from milking the same day is used, natural rennet is used and the milk is used raw, at a controlled temperature of 37 ºC so as not to lose any of its nutritional qualities and maintain its unique flavor. Thus, they are committed to a completely handmade process and completely respectful of the raw material.

The result is an attractive ivory-hued aged cheese, with a resounding and permanent flavor that fills the taste buds with plant life. A production carried out with a methodical production process (12 months minimum of curing) that leads it to be considered the best cheese in the world.


In the Páramo de Guzmán cheese factory, the traditional cheese and its version in oil are born. This is the product that results from preserving traditional cheese with Picual extra virgin olive oil.

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