La Rioja and Mazapan de Soto: The more artisan tradition

Christmas is a date for encounters and great moments, but it is also a perfect time to taste “Spain brand” products. And in the second box of “Delicias de Aqui” you can find the delicious Soto Marzipan, a highly recommended snack for these special dates.


What Bartolomé Segura started towards the end of the 19th century as something handmade, homely and of high quality, have become the famous Soto Marzipan. This is proven by the awards and medals obtained since 1903. Since then, four Segura generations have made exquisite Soto Marzipans that today, with great pride, have become a fundamental snack in many national and international tables and serve as ambassadors for La Rioja .

The first factory, located in a rural environment, has today been transformed into a dynamic factory, located in Logroño, capital of La Rioja. What was an adventure in the gastronomic recovery of the town has turned into an exciting journey, where concepts such as quality and rigorous manufacturing have taken on enormous importance.

The R.C. seal, which guarantees commitment and quality, endorses its products arising from selection and the most artisan tradition, to which the most careful control processes have been incorporated.

Only in the impressive setting of the Cameros, mountain ranges located in the south-central part of La Rioja, could such a beautiful town be built, not only because of the good people that have emerged from it, but also because of the large number of traditions that maintain it. anchored in a magical place, full of history and culture.

But it is in the culinary field where Soto really stands out, with a quality that is born from the commitment that unites this unique land with the effort and dedication of all its people. Its marzipan, made with almonds, sugar and a lot of affection, are its star product together with the enormous Spanish gastronomic wealth.

Thus, there is a Denomination of Origin for these products, which distinguishes the outstanding quality of a 100% natural product, recognized and awarded by gastronomes around the world.


Absolute control. Check over and over again that the product they make available to the consumer is the best. That is the daily maximum of the Marzipanes de Soto. The professionals of this company work daily to outline the perfect marzipan, give it the color and flavor that have made the brand a benchmark worthy of the best gourmet.

Thus, they only use top quality raw materials, since they understand that their purchase is an investment for the health of their family, thus using great efforts in terms of security and control.

To make the exquisite Soto Marzipan, almonds and sugar are the raw materials, always of the best quality, which allows us to offer a product that keeps the centennial essence of a family dedicated to its production.

What are you waiting for to try one of the most delicious gourmet products included in the second selection of “Delicias de Aqui”? Subscribe now to our club and you will enjoy these incredible marzipans, a perfect snack for this Christmas.

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