Bras del Port: Gourmet salts with tradition and innovation

One of the products that you can find in the second box of “Delicias de Aqui” is the gourmet salt of Bras del Port that, without a doubt, will give a different and very special touch to your dishes.

Since the founding of Bras del Port in 1900, values ​​such as humility, loyalty and a commitment to innovation have made it possible for it to become a company with international scope, maintaining the traditional spirit of a family business.

Thanks to its saline activity, Bras del Port has created an ecological environment of incomparable richness in which, for more than a century, the wind and the sun have been, and continue to be, its greatest allies in the process of obtaining a salt totally natural marine.

The balance between tradition, inherited from the time of the Roman Empire, and permanent innovation in technology and knowledge development, plays a key role in ensuring the quality of a product that has five generations of workers over a century of history.

During this long period of time, the wind and the sun have been and are the greatest allies in obtaining a totally natural sea salt. Behind an activity as seemingly simple as the production of sea salt, lies a complex millennial task.


The maritime salt flats of Bras del Port extend along a natural area of ​​more than 2,500 hectares, mostly occupied by lagoons where sea water is concentrated and salt crystallizes. The salt exploitation, responsible for the conservation of the wetland, has created a habitat of exceptional ecological and landscape value.

Thus, more than 40 species of birds and fish are part of this ecosystem. Bras del Port is located in the Salinas de Santa Pola Natural Park, an extension of more than 2,500 hectares of protected land in which, thanks to the salt exploitation, a rich, growing and full of life ecosystem is maintained.

Over the years, a perfect balance has been reached in which nature and industry not only coexist, but also benefit during the process itself.


After an intense period of research, the Bras del Port R & D & i Department has managed to find the optimal evaporation conditions to obtain salt crystals in the shape of pyramids, giving rise to scales and foam of sea salt. Two products of original and different texture that star in the Bras del Port Gourmet line.

Bras del Port offers the only sea salt flake produced in Spain. It enhances the flavor of dishes with a crunchy and delicate touch, it is 100% natural and has a high magnesium content.

Currently, they are the only producers of sea salt flake in Spain, with four different varieties that will help you enhance the flavor of your dishes, each with unique nuances and properties.

The natural is a sea salt flake is very different from common salt. Its peculiar pyramidal shape, its crunchy texture and its soft and delicate flavor, make the scales the perfect complement to give the final touch to your dishes. On the other hand, the smoked sea salt flake with ginger enriches all kinds of elaborations, as it is an aromatic and pleasant mixture.

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