Chorizo Maldito Duroc Extra La Hoguera: Tradition, technology and research

Embutidos La Hoguera S.A. is an agri-food company that began its activity in 1986, as a continuation of an integral project that encompasses the entire chain, from the production of pigs, slaughterhouse, cutting room, to the transformation of products.

The philosophy with which this project began came from four partners with the idea of ​​generating added value to pig production and, in turn, creating a workforce that would help develop the rural environment. Currently, Embutidos La Hoguera is a consolidated company within the agri-food sector, in continuous development and with a workforce of 95 workers.

At Embutidos La Hoguera they believe that the combination of tradition, technology and research are the keys to producing high quality food. These are the slogans that have been committed to since its inception and that have made La Hoguera a great brand committed to health and the future.


Embutidos La Hoguera began its activity in 1975 with the construction of the first of its farms. Ten years later, and once the foundations of what was to be his career had been firmly established, a product manufacturing company was born.

The industry Embutidos La Hoguera S.A. It is located within the urban area of ​​San Pedro Manrique, in Soria, occupying a plot of approximately 11,723 m2, in an eminently rural environment where specifically industrial areas have a minimum polluting content.

San Pedro Manrique is the head of the Tierras Altas de Soria region. It is an area of ​​mountains, abrupt orography, strong winds and tough and hardened people.


In La Hoguera they cultivate their own land and raise their pigs. The genetic base on which they work is the DUROC BREED, it is characterized by providing a high quality of meat, this together with a totally natural diet, whose main content is cereals from the area, as well as the maintenance of high health in livestock farms , located in a unique environmental environment. All this means that they have the best raw material for the manufacture of their sausages, marinated meat and hams.

At Embutidos La Hoguera they understand quality as “the search for excellence through continuous effort, in all areas of the company and its entire workforce, to design, manufacture and market products that not only satisfy the requirements specified by customers. , but rather that they exceed their expectations, guaranteeing food safety, respect for the environment and a commitment to the social environment ”.
In terms of health, their products are healthy because they are made with healthy pigs, which live peacefully on their land and do not suffer from stressful trips or manipulations. In addition, their diet, based on cereals, rich in vitamins and proteins, does not contain saturated fat.

The industry currently has siphonic sumps throughout the internal sanitation network, equipped with devices to retain solids. Before being discharged, all wastewater is channeled to a pre-treatment or primary purification system, located in the industrial area, equipped with a sieve and a grease separating box. After this treatment, the waters are discharged into the general network, from where they are conducted to the WWTP (wastewater treatment plant). Therefore, they strictly comply with current environmental regulations.


With the “Covaleda World Best Chorizo ​​Award” 2017 and 2019, they select the best Duroc breed pork from their pig farms fed with natural cereals and without growth promoters. They use a controlled artisan production in all its phases (fattening, cutting, curing) that guarantees its quality. Allergen free: 100% natural. Gluten free, lactose free, egg free. Without additives or preservatives.

The Maldito Duroc Cular Extra chorizo ​​is 100% natural and historical in Soria and is made with very select meat, paprika de la vera and garlic. What are you waiting for to try one of the gourmet products included in the selection of “Delicias de Aqui”? Subscribe now to our club and you will enjoy this fantastic chorizo ​​along with other products.

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