Finca Viñoa Paraje Penaboa 2014: An intense and powerful wine

Do you want to know the history of a spectacular wine included in our selection? Around the year 2000, three native friends from Ribeiro, linked to the world of wine (oenologist, winemaker and sommelier), started a project that meant the awakening of an illusion and set out to recover an old vineyard disappeared from the historic valley of the Avia river, supporting in the people of the region.

The aim was to produce unique and top quality wines that would recover the tradition and prestige that Ribeiro wines had enjoyed for centuries. Thus was born the seed of what today is the Pazo Casanova Winery and Vineyards – Finca Viñoa.

The tools would be the autochthonous varieties, which made the wine of this region world famous (Treixadura, Godello, Albariño and Loureira in whites and Sousón, Caiño Longo and Brancellao in reds) and the magnificent location of the sunny, south-facing slopes, in which the memory of old vineyard plantations lived.

For years, they tirelessly traveled the valley from which they originate, acquiring a deep knowledge of the best areas. In each town they asked the locals, visited the farms with them and set their preferences.


The project took shape at the beginning of this century. It was about making different wines on each of the chosen slopes, seeking the maximum expression of terroir. Once the best areas were located for each wine they wanted to develop, they began with the acquisition of the farms; slow and complicated process due to the existing smallholding in Ribeiro.

Finally, in 2001 they recovered a first 6,000 m2 property in Cabanelas, a town known for its reds. It is the O Cabildo farm, located on a south-west facing slope, where they planted 2,000 vines of Sousón, Caíño Longo and Brancellao. Here, they decided, the red wines would be made.

In 2003, they acquired A Viñoa, an 8-hectare farm that gives the project its name. Later they acquired adjoining plots that give it a dimension of more than 15 hectares, of which a total of twelve are already in production. Different autochthonous white castes are already born in more than 36,000 strains. This domain is framed on an emblematic slope of the Ribeiro del Avia, where some of the best whites in the valley were made in the past. It was decided that this would be the ranch of the white guard.


In 2014 they acquired the Pazo Casanova winery, located on the right bank of the Miño River, on one of the historic slopes of the valley. The Pazo Casanova farm, which is where the modern winery is located, is a farm of more than 9 hectares facing south and surrounded by a stone wall that is more than two hundred years old.

In this farm they have a plantation of more than 6 hectares of native white varieties of more than 20 years, always with the Treixadura as the protagonist. To a lesser extent, but perfectly identified within the farm, Godello, Albariño and Loureira varieties are grown.

Further up the slope, Finca A Cerca is located, in the town of Fechos, a beautiful property of more than 3 hectares. In this estate, where they have one of the oldest native varieties plantations in the Ribeiro, with vines over 35 years old, a Big House is erected, currently restored and with a magnificent chapel dedicated to San Juan.


It is a pale yellow wine with a steely rim, clean and dense tears. On the nose, intense floral aromas, salted stone fruit, medlars, lychees, citrus notes, lemon caramel, aromatic herbs. In the mouth, intense and powerful entry, with volume, floral and fruity sensations, with an intense minerality. The palate is fatty, creamy, intense and fresh, persistent at the end.

As for its pairing, the noble shellfish, oysters, rail clams, lobster, crayfish, spider crab, risotto, seafood soup rice, almadraba tuna tartare, sea bass, corvina, grouper, monkfish, poultry, game of feathers stand out. and matured cow.

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