Wild boar loin cured with rosemary ArteMonte, a product at the height of the best Iberian

The new selection of “Delicias de Aqui” is already a reality and, in it, we can find an exquisite gourmet product: the loin of wild boar cured with rosemary from ArteMonte.


At ArteMonte they offer the highest quality in their products derived from bush meat. They achieve this thanks to the selection of the best pieces from our environment and, in addition, thanks to a subsequent completely handmade productionprocess.

The company is present in all the necessary phases so that its own clients can enjoy the best delicacies from the countryside and sit on their table.

In addition, they ensure qualitythrough the complete traceability of all meats and products, being also responsible for all phases of the process: collection of animals in the field, cutting, processing and final packaging. In this way, ArteMonte ensures the possibility of always obtaining the satisfaction of the most demanding clients.

Thus, they produce exquisite products aimed at satisfying the most demanding palates. The care with which each piece is examined and selected is a fundamental part of making ArteMonte.

Subsequently, their products are made following traditional recipes and processes that have been inherited from several generations ago and that have made Sierra Morena gastronomy one of the most appreciated and recognized. Thus, their main secret lies in the quality and naturalness of the products and the raw materials with which all their products are made.


Likewise, all ArteMonte products and manufacturing processes are certified by the IFS in terms of food safety. This certification highlights the care and focus with which they work at Cárnicas de Aldeaquemada so that the satisfaction of their customers, with the safety of all products and processes, is maximum.

The combination of work according to these standards together with the knowledge and selection of the meats used to make their products allows them to offer the market products of the highest quality and food safety.


Without a doubt, it is a product at the level of the best Iberian products. Wild boars are raised in complete freedom, feeding on acorn and forage, which results in a high quality product with an intense flavor, but without the fat that pork has.

The process consists in that once they obtain and select the best loins of the wild boar, they marinate it with natural spices in which rosemary stands out and they cure it for 100 days until obtaining a tender product with an unmistakable flavor. When the product is served already sliced, it is recommended to spray it with a few drops of oil.

What are you waiting for to try one of the most prestigious gourmet products included in the new selection of “Delicias de Aqui”? Subscribe now to our club and you will enjoy this fantastic wild boar loin along with other products.

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