Torreznos de Soria Moreno Sáez, a product that will conquer your palate

One of the exquisite products that you can find in our new selection are the fantastic “Moreno Sáez” torreznos de Soria.

The success of this Torrezno de Soria speaks for itself. Year after year, the Guarantee Mark gains greater force to preserve its identity, thus guaranteeing its exclusivity and quality. Moreno Sáez collaborates to turn its star product into a Gastronomic Heritage of Humanity and, after 54 years, continues to achieve excellence to share it.

The company started as a small family of meat artisans with the aim of creating the best flavor of our land. That is why its founders chose Soria, the cradle of sausages and sausages in Spain, the province that possesses an exclusive treasure of the north: the climate, which, being continental, very cold and, at the same time, dry, allows to maintain the traditional healing system.

Currently, Moreno Sáez is a family business whose tradition continues to grow. They are experts in the production of pork products, derivatives and torreznos. In addition, they are fortunate to be recognized not only nationally, but also cross borders thanks to their gourmet offer and the quality that characterizes them.


In Moreno Sáez sausages they set out to create delicacies that conquer the palate of all those who try it, something that, with a lot of effort and dedication, they have achieved.

The company focuses on manufacturing very high quality products through a process that is as natural as possible, with traditional ingredients rigorously selected and matured under unbeatable conditions. As a sample, it is the unique Torrezno de Soria that we are talking about, a delicatessen product recognized in the gastronomic world.


Currently they continue with the artisan production, although adapting some technological improvements. The location of the factory has a privileged microclimate, extremely dry, ideal for the ripening of the products. This is the reason why the province is in the lead in the production of sausages, sausages, loins, bacon, ribs, marinated and torreznos in Spain.

In Embutidos Moreno Sáez they are committed to maintaining the production process with the highest quality, from the selection of the ingredients, to the delivery at the door of your house, taking care of even the smallest detail.

Thus, thanks to the adoption of innovations in the sector, they are able to deliver packaged and packaged products in unbeatable preservation conditions for shipment to different geographical areas.


Among all the products that sausages Moreno Sáez manufactures, the marinated bacon stands out for the preparation by frying the torrezno de Soria. This is made by frying the strips of slowly cured marinated bacon in a frying pan or deep fryer, so that the crust gradually rises and becomes fluffy, finally being crispy and tasty. The problem is that this process can take between 30 and 40 minutes. Torrezno de Soria is a product that is increasingly appreciated by consumers and, whoever tries it, is pleasantly surprised by its good flavor and its crunchy texture.

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