Truffled rice “Manjares de la Tierra”, a surprising and exquisite combination

One of the most exquisite products that you can find in our new selection is, without a doubt, the truffled rice “Manjares de la Tierra”, a dish that will surprise you with its spectacular flavor.


At Manjares de la Tierra they know how to do two things very well: select the best black truffle from Sarrión and transform it into gourmet products, always respecting its intense and genuine flavor.
That passion for the black diamond was what united Mercedes, Lola and María Jesús, the founders of Manjares de la Tierra. Three women who dreamed of bringing the truffle flavor to the rest of the homes in Spain and the world.

Sarrión is the place where the authentic Teruel black truffle is born. At Manjares de la Tierra they only work with local suppliers, creating jobs for local people and highlighting all the good things that Sarrión offers. The two autochthonous varieties work: black truffle or Tuber melanosporum and Tuber aestivum or summer truffle.

Truffles are an underground fungus that grows near the roots of certain trees that are called truffle species, for example, oak or holm oak. The truffle is not in contact with the roots of the tree, it is joined by a mycelium that we do not perceive. The relationship between tree and truffle is a symbiosis, they are associated with each other. Truffles are about 20 cm below the surface. deep, approximately.

It is a product so deeply rooted in the earth that the nose of the dog is required to extract the truffle. Without them, it is impossible to find the mushroom at its optimum ripeness. There are up to thirty edible varieties of truffle, not all of them with culinary value.


If we look back in time, we find that the first references to the truffle date back to the Sumerians, reflecting on clay tablets the eating habits of their enemies, the Amorites, more than two thousand years before our era. It is the Egyptians who keep the truffle on their menu, as a food aimed at the wealthy classes and cooking them covered in fat looking for the most profitable way to extract the best qualities of the truffle.

In classical Greece they considered that it appeared out of nowhere, that its generation was spontaneous. In fact, it is even said: “The more thunder there is, the more it grows!” The Romans inherited the Greek civilization and the truffle as part of it, although it was not precisely the black truffle that most attracted the attention of the Romans, but other varieties of the mushroom. For years the truffle was known, until, in 1423, Don Enrique de Villena wrote the simplest customs to cook them in his book “Arte Cisoria”. In the following centuries, truffles were incorporated into Spanish cookbooks and botanical treatises.

In 1815, in France, the possibility that truffles could be cultivated was discovered by chance. In those days, the Gallic country was already a great consumer of truffles and the research was carried out out of pure scientific interest. The production was sufficient for the small number of diners and restaurants who were interested in their delight, until well into the twentieth century the demand increased and it was at that time when the cultivation of truffles was considered as an option. It took almost a century and a half for truffle farming to consolidate after that discovery.

Meanwhile, in Spain, in inland areas with limestone soils and contrasting climates, they saw how this precious fungus grew wild in their forests, nature gave it the water it needed.

The demand for truffles that came from our neighboring countries was increasing. Sarrión established itself as the capital of the black truffle, not only because of its wild truffle but because of the commitment of its people to allocate the land to this type of agriculture. The cultivation of this precious mushroom has promoted the development of a region located in an idyllic landscape, where a product grows that, due to its flavor, exclusivity, elaboration work … makes it receive the name of black gold.

Innovation in the sector and the commitment to the world of truffle farming have made Sarrión a world reference, our expert producers help the truffle to develop: it is watered, cared for, the climate is observed to give the truffle what it is. It needs to grow as it would in a forest, because the truffle does not like the artificial, it is a crop that requires a lot of time and little chemistry.


In rice with black truffle, each and every detail has been taken care of to offer a final result of high quality and maximum satisfaction. Perfect flavor and aroma: The rice that has been selected is grown in the best of Spain’s ecological environments, specifically in the Albufera natural park, in the city of Valencia.

Rice with black truffle contains the truffle variety called Tuber melanosporum, one of the truffles that is most valued in kitchens around the world for its flavor and aroma; both intense, but just right. The rice is perfect, with a spectacular truffle aroma and ready to go cooked. In addition, it also contains slices of dehydrated truffle that help to emphasize that special aroma and flavor of truffle.

Rice is one of the most consumed cereals in the world, along with sugar cane and corn. We can find it in many dishes, either as a garnish or as a main ingredient.
In Spain, one of the most popular elaborations and in which rice plays a fundamental role is paella, mainly in the Valencian Community. In Italy they are risottos, where you have to add the broth little by little so that the result is creamy and they should always be finished with Parmesan cheese and butter. But there are many more, such as Pilafs rice, a traditional preparation of Persian cuisine with vegetables and different spices. In addition, there are salty and sweet preparations with this cereal, such as rice pudding flavored with a cinnamon stick and lemon rind or, in some cases, orange.

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