Txakoli 9.6 Ameztoi, the winery that faces the sea

At Delicias de Aqui we have chosen a spectacular gourmet product for our new selection. This is Txakoli 9.6 Ameztoi, a product that will surprise you for its taste and its history.


Located on a vegetal mantle made of its own vines that fall into the fresh and wild Cantabrian Sea. The landscape on which this company is located offers us spectacular panoramic views of the Basque Coast.

The Ameztoi family has been making and producing txakoli since 1820. For this, they do not hesitate to use old barrels with their characteristic smell of wood, the noise of bottles and laughter. That’s how old Ameztoi was and he used to gather a lot of people. In fact, the Ameztoi family has been known since ancient times by the nickname “Kirkilla” (cricket), symbol of joy, happiness and, above all, pride.

Over time, they have grown and improved their product to achieve their own expression, an authentic txakoli to the delight of the most demanding palates. Always maintaining the indigenous varieties Hondarrabi Zuri and Hondarrabi Beltza as the basis for the production of their products. Thus, Ameztoi is five generations with the family tradition in the production of txakoli.


The winery is located on top of a north-facing hill in a privileged area due to the environment that surrounds it, and the spectacular views offered by the coastal landscape. The vineyard falls to the sea and the winery on the hill is as if suspended on a vegetal carpet. The winery looks out over the sea to be able to contemplate the beauty of the landscape. Although, the vision or contemplation of the sea is what truly captivates and excites us.

The lands of the Ameztoi property are made up of 51 hectares of vineyards, all in vineyards, divided into different plots that surround the winery.


Txakoli is, without a doubt, the gastronomic wine of the moment. For some years now, the image of txacoli has been much more in keeping with the times: a modern and quality wine, with a unique character inspired by a specific terroir and climate, and also by the know-how of several generations of winegrowers.

Txakoli is not a sparkling wine, nor a cider, nor any other substitute for the fermentation of grapes. Txakoli is a young white wine, of moderate alcohol content, very aromatic, fresh and with a characteristic acidity. It is a wine resulting from the Atlantic viticulture of autochthonous varieties (hondarribi zuri or zerratia -white- and hondarribi beltza -tinta-), a consequence of its own agro-climatic conditions, with a temperate and humid climate.

Behind a txakoli there is always a family farmhouse and a history of recovering traditions. It has rained a lot (and more in this area) since the ‘chacolines’ arose at the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th, taverns for the exclusive sale of txakoli in which, in addition to cod, squid and baby eels, the traditional wine Basque was served in a lively and popular atmosphere. Currently, the txacoli is experiencing its second moment of splendor thanks to the effort of a designation of origin that advocates maintaining authenticity and quality in all production processes, from the vine, always planted in land below 400 meters above the sea ​​level, until bottling.

As it is, the Txakoli 9.6 Ameztoi of our selection is fresh, young and cheerful. A wine designed to satisfy the tastes of young and vibrant people. An easy and pleasant txakoli that accompanies you in your good moments. It is a wine without limits, a cocktail of fresh and refreshing flavors that explode in every sip you make on your palate. Full of tropical flavors and a fine bubble (Txinparta). Made from Hondarrabi zuri grapes from the freshest vineyards.

What are you waiting for to subscribe to our club (“Delicias de Aqui”) and thus have the opportunity to enjoy this incredible txakoli, accompanied by the rest of the Gourmet products of our selection?

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