Gargalo Treixadura & Albariño: Elegance is born from the land

One of the gourmet products that you can find in the selection of “Delicias de Aqui” is the Gargalo D.O. Monterrei, Treixadura and Albariño 2019 from Bodegas Riojanas. A product that, without a doubt, will captivate you for its flavor and for the history that surrounds it.


Bodegas Riojanas treasures more than a century of winemaking tradition in its Cenicero winery. Its corners are steeped in history and tell us about the passion that has been lived in it for the aging of its wines. That tradition and that passion have been transmitted to the current Bodegas Riojanas team, which considers the commitment to the quality and personality of its wines as the most precious heritage.

As for its vineyards, there is a notorious passion for the land. Bodegas Riojanas controls more than 100 hectares. One of the best vineyards in Cenicero, San Vicente de la Sonsierra and towns close to them. The grape that is harvested par excellence in Rioja is Tempranillo, but Bodegas Riojanas also has one of the largest extensions dedicated to Mazuelo and Graciano within the Denomination, varieties that provide greater personality to the wines it makes.

The different vineyard plots are based on clay-calcareous soils, of Miocene origin, suitable for producing the highest qualities.


The rite of obtaining the products of the land. At the beginning of October, once the heats of summer have passed, the harvest takes place, which is more than just the simple harvesting of the grapes. The choice of the optimum moment for harvesting, the productivity of the strains, the selection of the grape batches destined to make the different types of wine in the winery … Everything will influence the characteristics and final quality of the wines obtained.

Grapes from old vineyards are collected in boxes, to prevent the pressure produced by the weight from breaking the grapes and arriving in the best conditions at the winery. Once there, they undergo a meticulous manual selection, bunch by bunch, thus making the wines that constitute the highest quality exponent of Bodegas Riojanas.

Regarding the aging, the rest until turning great wines, once the grape has been converted into wine through fermentation, it undergoes a process of aging in barrels and later in the bottle, all of this meeting the minimum requirements established by the regulations of the Rioja Qualified Denomination of Origin and following the criteria of the winery’s Technical Management. The time spent in the barrel and bottle determines the different categories of wine: crianza, reserva or gran reserva.

All the tasks that are carried out from when the grape begins to sprout until the wine reaches your table are developed or directed by the staff of Bodegas Riojanas, always having the highest quality as the objective of their actions. The team that makes up the Bodegas Riojanas staff is its greatest asset and it pours its enthusiasm and experience into the products it offers, being its greatest pride to obtain the satisfaction of all consumers.


Bodegas Gargalo is the project that Roberto Verino founded in 1998 with the aim that his wines faithfully reflect his origin, a land where he was born and whose incomparable value he wants to highlight. It has a denomination of origin Monterrei, Orense. For Verino, elegance is born from the earth, you do not need anything more than to let nature do his work. Distributed since 2019 by Bodegas Riojanas, it reached a collaboration and marketing agreement, since it is united by the same philosophy of respect for the origin of its wines. Since then, the designer’s commitment to the Monterrei winery has grown and established itself.

Treixadura and Albariño grape wine with a limited annual production. Clean, bright wine with soft yellow tones tinged with forest greens. On the nose it is very intense, with citrus aromas dominated by mandarin and orange. Long and wide in the mouth, very round with hints of pome fruits, unctuous. Awarded with ninety Peñín guide points in 2021.

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