Stuffed squid “La Brújula”, from the fish market to the table

One of the most exquisite gourmet products that we can find in the new selection of “Delicias de Aqui” with the stuffed chirriones of La Brújula.

La Brújula belongs to a select minority of preserves that are integrated into the gastronomic offer of the best restaurants in Spanish gastronomy. It has become a benchmark in the field of sea canning.

The pillar on which La Brújula sits is its raw material. Only top quality, native and natural seafood and fish are used, caught using traditional methods that guarantee their highest quality.

Thus, the company guarantees the future of marine biodiversity by defending responsible and selective fishing methods. In addition, they facilitate the origin of the raw material from the point of capture to your table. They take care of the environment, and an example of this is the construction of an underground treatment plant in their factory that avoids a negative impact on the environment.


In La Brújula they only buy fish and shellfish in season and during the highest quality seasons. They are especially demanding with the origin of the raw materials, using only Galician seafood and Cantabrian fish. They live from the sea and that is why they maintain a strict commitment to it: they defend sustainable fishing and respect closed seasons and catch limits. In addition, they take great care, and even with care, the purchase of fresh products and their transport from the fish markets to their own facilities.

As if that were not enough, they do not use automatic cutters or packing machines: they keep artisans and workers with extensive professional experience. Gloved hands selecting sizes, cleaning parts, placing them in detail and weighing can by can. In addition, they do an exhaustive cleaning, as well as time and temperature control to guarantee quality.


They do not know what stabilizers and adjuvants are. La Brújula’s kitchen only uses onions, peppers, olive oil and other natural ingredients. Home cooking and simmering for sauces that are the best and most delicate dressing for your preserves.

In addition, they put the most advanced technology at the service of the quality of their artisan preserves. Machines are those that weigh the content of each can or those that control cooking times and temperatures. And it is experienced personnel who supervise this work.

They sterilize at the lowest possible temperature in order to preserve aromas and flavors. And, of course, they conduct heat penetration studies to ensure the food safety of their products and comply with European legislation and that of other countries.


It is a conserve prepared with a selection of the best squid caught with a hook and made with a traditional recipe kept secret by the La Fábrica cook. It is cleaned by hand of any part that is not noble (eyes, mouth, etc.) and it is turned over manually to fill its interior with the tentacles of the squid itself. It is a fresh product, ready to eat at any time.

Thus, it is a Gourmet product with many gastronomic developments, although here we present the “Verdinas with squid in olive oil”.

  • We leave the beans “verdinas” to soak for 12 hours and cook with some onions and garlic for two hours.
  • While the vegetables are cooking, we make a sauce with onion and garlic.
  • Once done, we sauté paprika and add natural cider.
  • We wait for it to be consumed and mix it with the verdinas and our can of squid.
  • We let it boil and… to the table!

What are you waiting for to subscribe to our club (“Delicias de Aqui”) and thus have the opportunity to enjoy these incredible squid, accompanied by the rest of the Gourmet products of our new selection?

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