Free-range eggs “Granja Hima”, the commitment to animal welfare

Granja Hima is a company specialized for years in the production, marketing and distribution of first quality chicken eggs, which has its production located in the Burgos town of Melgar de Fernamental and its sales and distribution center in the Biscayan town of Etxebarri .

The farm facilities carry out the tasks of food and sanitary control for their hens, classification and packaging of all egg production, and distribution from the facilities in Burgos to its sales warehouses in Etxebarri.

Once the egg is in the Etxebarri warehouses, Granja Hima has a logistics fleet of six vehicles for daily distribution through the different routes of Bizkaia and Cantabria. Their vehicles are equipped with refrigeration and isothermal to guarantee the conservation of their products at all times.


The hens are raised in the wild and fed a diet rich in extracts of the olive tree, free of antibiotics. As a result, they have excellent quality eggs rich in antioxidants and unsaturated fatty acids (omega 3 and omega 6), essential to keep cholesterol levels at bay.

Their eggs could not be otherwise: they are tasty, with a consistent shell and a compact white and yolk.


With 40 years of experience in the production and distribution of eggs, Granja Hima is able to offer the consumer a quality product, maximum food safety, commitment to animal welfare and respect for the environment.

Currently, GRANJA HIMA has the HIMACOL seal in part of its products, a seal that guarantees that the animals of origin that produce the functional foods that carry it have had a diet under the HIMACOL system. The application of the HIMACOL system involves the addition of zootechnical additives derived from olive to animal feed, to achieve a final product with added value.


Their experience in the production of differentiated eggs began 5 years ago, but it was last year, as a result of being chosen by Canal Cocina to produce the eggs that bear their brand, when they really took off as a brand.

This agreement was born as a result of the kitchen channel’s concern to be present in the market with new generation products, which were organoleptically different and incorporated richness in fatty acids or other healthy principles, all in line with the trend of consumption of “NOVELFOOD” products , although always with a containment in price, and based on objective realities both analytical, which endorse activities and wealth, as well as sensitive in terms of intensity of flavors, textures and recovery of food sensations that we all carry in our memory.

The particularity of the use of its olive derivatives for animal production, supported by numerous internal and external scientific studies, is that it allows them to produce animals in a differentiated way without the use of antibiotics or coccidiostats, raising healthier animals with better welfare and which also give meat and eggs properties that clearly distinguish them from others on the market, such as the change in lipid profile, increasing Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, increased juiciness and improved flavor, among others.

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