This month our gourmet box includes 15 exclusive products that will make you enjoy our land from home. Our boxes have an approximate discount of 40% with respect to the real market value of the products.


Bodegas Martínez Lacuesta was born in 1895 in Haro, with capital
exclusively jarrero, founded by Félix Martínez Lacuesta (Haro,

Bodeguero, lawyer, politician and publicist, was the first president of the National Association of Viticulturists and Wine Industries, as well as the La Rioja Wine Union, and one of the precursors of the Regulatory Council of the D.O. Rioja, representing the winemakers. In 1904, the first Branch of the Winery was inaugurated in Madrid, and they were suppliers of the Royal House on several occasions.

The branch served as a wine exporting house to the national market and America. “We have been making vermouth since 1937 with a traditional and artisan system of elaboration based on plant extract and natural herbs cold macerated in white wine, once prepared they are then added to the wine that will be the base of the vermouth, along with sugar, citrus, caramel and alcohol. 24 plants macerated in white wine in barrels where our wines age, from there we bottle and age 12 months in acacia barrels to obtain this acacia vermouth. “


There was a day when three soul mates shared the same dream after half their lives in the world of wine: to make the wines they wanted to drink, starting at the vine and ending at the label. Between the whims of signature wine for beginners and the wine made according to the dictates of fashion and the market there is a third way that Marc Grin, Pablo Ossorio and Rafael Navarro have wanted to explore with a very personal commitment to which they have given the name of Hispano Suizas Wineries.

Denomination of Origin Utiel-Requena. Continental climate with Mediterranean influences. Limestone-clayey soils. Variety Sauvignon Blanc 100%.

Color: Yellow with greenish reflections.

Aroma: Very high intensity, mineral, recalling aromas of tropical fresh fruit and compote.

Flavor: With a good weight of fruit in the mouth, unctuous, dense, good final acidity and very long in the mouth. Ideal to pair with shellfish, fish, aged cheeses, vegetables, smoked dishes, seafood rice or white meats.


“Our history begins in the 40s, when the Moreno brothers founded the factory with the intention of preserving the aromas and flavors of the products of our land. At that time we packed the best quality vegetables from the orchards of Quel and its surroundings (La Rioja), by hand, a spirit that has been maintained throughout our history and is our hallmark in the present and for the future. .

In the 50s, Lino Moreno Soldevilla took the reins of the company, to which we owe our name, which today is synonymous with quality. Flax, knowing the variety of exquisite recipes that were tasted in our land, begins the journey of preparing them canned, our exquisite prepared dishes.

Today we continue to maintain the tradition and quality of that time with the technology of the future. ” Leeks from the Ribera de Navarra harvested and made by hand, are selected, cleaned, peeled and blunted in an artisan way.


“Our experience in the production of differentiated eggs began 5 years ago, but it was last year, as a result of being chosen by Canal Cocina to produce the eggs that bear their brand, when we really took off as a brand.

This agreement was born as a result of the kitchen channel’s concern to be present in the market with new generation products, which were organoleptically different and incorporated richness in fatty acids or other healthy principles, all in keeping with the trend of consumption of “NOVELFOOD” products , although always with a containment in price, and based on objective realities both analytical, which endorse activities and wealth, and sensitive in terms of intensity of flavors, textures and recovery of food sensations that we all carry in memory.

The peculiarity of the use of our olive derivatives for animal production, supported by numerous internal and external scientific studies, is that it allows us to produce animals in a differentiated way without the use of antibiotics or coccidiostats, raising healthier animals with better welfare and which also give meat and eggs properties that clearly distinguish them from others on the market, such as the change in lipid profile, increasing Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids, increased juiciness and improved flavor, among others.”


“At La Chinata we have been olive oil masters since 1932. Our headquarters is located in Plasencia, Extremadura, and our EVOO comes mainly from the Sierra de Gata region of Cáceres. Today, we are a reference in the Spanish gourmet market, due to our commitment to the development of products derived from Extra Virgin Olive Oil. We currently have about 400 references of Gourmet and Cosmetic products developed with Extra Virgin Olive Oil as a fundamental ingredient. “

This Flavored Truffle Oil is one of La Chinata’s best-selling products in the Flavored Oils line. It is a flavored oil made with the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil from La Chinata together with a selection of the best black truffle “Tuber Aestmum Vittad”, characterized by its peculiar and aromatic smell and its extremely pleasant taste. It has a sweet nuance and is ideal for a multitude of recipes and widely used in haute cuisine, thanks to its characteristic flavor and its delicate and penetrating aroma, which offers a unique experience on the palate.


Bonilla a la Vista was born in Ferrol in 1932, under the command of Salvador Bonilla, father of the current head, César Bonilla. Salvador moved like a fish in water through the Galician geography with his fair booth full of moments of happiness. He would go through towns and villages with his delicious fries and tasty churros. In addition, in that same year he opened his first churrería in Calle Benito Vicetto, 39 in Ferrol. The Bonilla moments in sight, had come to stay.

“Our potatoes demand top-quality raw material and reliable suppliers. They are the base of the Bonilla flavor.

Taking a fried potato and feeling it crunch when you bite into it is a #Bonilla moment, a product of the work, effort and numerous trials of our crew. In our court, it is part of the Bonilla secret.

Bonilla potatoes are fried in decanted oil and perfectly filtered to avoid the use of impurities. In addition, our oil is 100% national and in each frying shift we renew 600 liters, so that the Bonilla potatoes have the best flavor. “


Family business founded in Soria in 1963 and therefore with more than 50 years of experience. Their specialty is the Chorizo de Soria and the famous Soria marinades: Adobada Bacon, Adobada Rib, Adobada Mask, etc. and above all the traditional and famous TORREZNOS DE SORIA.

Making torreznos has never been so easy. Our pre-cooked trays only need a frying pan with oil and 2 minutes of your time to obtain a crispy crust and a frying worthy of the best chefs. Follow these simple steps and your family or clients will know from the first bite why we are famous.

If you use a fryer, heat the oil to 180C, if you have a frying pan, put plenty of oil, which can cover the shavings and heat it until it begins to smoke. Add the precooked Moreno Sáez Torrezno Shavings and fry them to taste for approximately 1-2 minutes. Extract the Chips and get ready to live an unbeatable experience.


Conservas Portomar S.L.U. It belongs to the Spanish group “Armadora Pereira”, founded in 1956 and headquartered in the city of Vigo. The main activity of the group is fishing and the transformation of fish products in their refrigerated and frozen versions.

Expert captains, skippers and specialized crew fish 113 species with 19 boats equipped with the most modern technology, in an environmentally friendly and responsible way, complying with the sustainability standards of the species, established by the most demanding institutions.

The mussels in pickled sauce are fried in olive oil after cooking, thus absorbing all the properties and nuances of the oil, to later be covered by a soft blanket of this traditional and homemade sauce made with 100% natural ingredients.

What do they bring us? Mussels are rich in protein, vitamins and minerals, they also contain very little fat and most of them are Omega-3 polyunsaturated fats. Given their content in fatty acids, they are ideal for preventing cardiovascular diseases, lowering high cholesterol and preventing cancer.


Since 1984, Conservas Adolfo Sádaba has been selecting the best vegetables from the Navarra garden and from other areas of Spain where the best varieties of each vegetable are found. With the guarantee of 30 years of existence, it has a wide variety of preserves, with a level of quality that is difficult to beat.

Piquillo Extra peppers are selected in their different stages of maturation, which is why, together with asparagus, it is the most recognized product and enjoys a reputation that does not stop growing. They are unmistakable for their roast flavor and their characteristic gelatinous texture, in addition to being handcrafted.


Her name was Josefa Angela García Garay, but everyone knew her as Angelachu. At a very young age, she started working as a sobadora, filleter and packer of anchovies in Santoña. At the end of the 1930s she changed her dedication and became a ‘fresquera’, together with her husband José, supplying in Santander its first buyers in the capital market. Fishing articulated the story of their lives and over the years this was expanded with their children. To the sound of Angelachu, the name became a mark.

The needle or relanzón is a tasty blue fish that stands out for the striking shape it presents when fresh: elongated and pointed. When elaborated as preserved, the showiness of its length and shine is preserved, as well as its texture and intense flavor. Its usual use is as a main ingredient in sandwiches and salads. In the latter case, it is recommended to accompany with chives, oil and balsamic vinegar. The perfect pairing for this preserve is crianza red wine.


After a history of several years running a small store in the municipality of Nájera, “Aceitunas Luisma” was born in 1990 with the aim of storing and making its own products to market in its own store and small local markets. Unexpectedly, although worked, a new product of our own handcrafted banderillas arises to offer in an already known market.

The desire to grow is not far behind and the innovative nature means that in 2007 the production of skewers began on a larger scale after the “L. Navarro Appetizers and delicatessen” brand.
Oil (100% sunflower), sweet “cherry” pepper, cream cheese and crushed anchovy.

Prepared one by one by hand, dedicating the necessary time. With a high differentiating character due to its texture and characteristic flavor, made 100% with natural products, without preservatives or colorants, neither flavorings nor flavor enhancers.


Since 1958, La Explanada has been the flagship brand of Grupo Aceitunas Cazorla, a symbol of quality and tradition. Over the years, and with the aim of satisfying the most demanding palates, La Explanada Gourmet was born. Finally, in 2014 La Explanada Fresh was launched, incorporating innovative formats thought and designed to energize the shelf.

Today, La Explanada Gourmet reinvents its range with new unique flavors and textures. Exceptional quality products made with traditional recipes and the best selection of raw materials. The Cazorla Group is an internationally recognized benchmark for quality and innovation. Its commitment to quality, tradition and innovation makes each of the products in its wide assortment unique and meets the expectations of the most demanding palates around the world.

Enjoy with La Explanada a new Gourmet experience Chamomile olives stuffed with gourmet anchovy Can / Tin – 370 ml Drained Net Weight: Drained Weight: 150 g.


“For years we have carefully searched for and selected the lands that make up our Ibarra piparra cultivation. All our production is accredited with the Basque Quality Label, given the use of selected seeds, exhaustive control of cultivation and packaging, high product quality and compliance with environmental standards.

Our cultivation is developed on farms located in the town of Ibarra and neighboring towns, in Gipuzkoa. They are all surrounded by pastures and forests and all along they have a gentle slope to provide the best conditions for the plants. “

“For years we have carefully searched for and selected the lands that make up our Ibarra piparra cultivation. All our production is accredited with the Basque Quality Label, given the use of selected seeds, exhaustive control of cultivation and packaging, high product quality and compliance with environmental standards.

Our cultivation is developed on farms located in the town of Ibarra and neighboring towns, in Gipuzkoa. They are all surrounded by pastures and forests and all along they have a gentle slope to provide the best conditions for the plants. ” The piparra mousse is an ideal companion for all kinds of meals.


Agro-food company that began its activity in 1986, as a continuation of a Comprehensive Project that encompasses the entire chain from pig production, slaughterhouse, cutting room, to the transformation of products.

“We believe that the combination of tradition, technology and research are the keys to producing high quality food. Those are the slogans that we have been committed to since our inception and that have made La Hoguera a great brand committed to health and the future. “

Duroc Breed pork, salt, sherry, sugars (dextrose and lactose), milk powder, spices, milk protein, stabilizers, (E-450- E-452 i), antioxidants (E-301), preservatives (E -252), dye (E-120). Category: Extra. Healing time: 40 days.


Company dedicated to the elaboration of natural artisan products that, over the years, has evolved and improved its formulas based on classic and traditional foods of a lifetime.

“We advance with the times and we value our principles. We are committed to the celiac community. We make our products gluten free. Our production is done by hand and in a very controlled way. We offer the gluten free seal to make life easier for our celiac clients.

The nuts that we use in Menges de Deus are of the highest quality. And the elaboration is artisan and traditional. We do not use colorants, preservatives or flavor enhancers. “

The caramelised pumpkin seeds are recommended to take in yogurt, curd, salad, sauces, to decorate in pastries, pizzas, breads … In addition, their properties are beneficial for cholesterol, to hydrate the skin, for stress, nervous disorders, anemia, intestinal disorder, rheumatic pain, arthritis …


Este mes de nuestra caja gourmet incluye 12 productos exclusivos que te harán disfrutar de nuestra tierra desde casa. Nuestras cajas cuentan con un 40% de descuento aproximado respecto al valor real de mercado de los productos.


El valle de Secastilla es el último descubrimiento enológico de Viñas del Vero. Está situado en un enclave excepcional del Somontano más septen- trional, y tiene unas condiciones agroclimáticas bien diferenciadas por su especial microclima mediterráneo. Viñas del Vero cultiva 48 hectáreas de viñedos muy antiguos de Garnacha, con la filosofía de recuperar la ancestral tradición de elaborar vino de calidad en este valle pirenaico.

Viñas del Vero elabora un vino complejo y muy diferente desde el año 2001. Se trata de un tinto de producción limitada y personalidad arrolladora. Hablar de Secastilla es hablar de uno de los mejores vinos de garnacha del mundo. En 2017 cuando el “International Wine Challenge Merchant Awards Spain”, reconoció a este vino de producción limitada como el “Mejor Vino Tinto de España”, siendo la primera vez que recaía en un vino de la D.O. Somontano.


Ginevia, empresa creada en 2018 por el espíritu emprendedor del granadino Alberto Cortés Reina, decidido a cambiar la forma de trabajar en el mundo de la agricultura, creando valor tanto para Granada como para el consumidor. Para ello han realizado una propuesta de un producto natural y de calidad.

El nombre de Ginevia viene de la unión de Gin y estevia, la cual aporta su color verde intenso, además de hacerla única en el mundo, siendo la primera ginebra saborizada, destilada con hojas de estevia natural, cultivada por la propia empresa en los campos de Alhama de Granada.

Sus 11 botánicos cuidadosamente seleccionados y destilados individualmente en alambiques de cobre con agua de los deshielos de Sierra Nevada, entre los cuales encontramos hierba buena, menta, lima, limón, mandarina, cardamomo, cilantro, enebro, estevia, hacen que Ginevia no sea una ginebra más, sino que sea una ginebra fresca y seca a la vez que da un toque de dulzor agradable y no permanente en el paladar, sin azúcares añadidos ni saborizantes.

Premiada en 2020 con la medalla de oro en los Word Gins Awards y finalista entre las 8 mejores ginebras saborizadas del mundo, a pesar de no ser muy conocida dentro de España.


Vinagrerías Riojanas S.A se fundó en 1956 en la ciudad de Logroño (La Rioja). En la actualidad es una gran empresa productora de vinagre en la que la tradición y las modernas tecnologías se aúnan para conseguir una mayor calidad de sus productos.

El vinagre de vermut Aliño se elabora siguiendo los métodos más tradiciona- les que Vinagrerías Riojanas viene aplicando desde hace más de 50 años, comenzando por una selección de vermuts de la mayor calidad y finalizando con un envejecimiento en barricas de roble antes de ser envasado.

Presenta un suave color caoba con notas marrones y reflejos ambarinos. Excelente para usar en ensaladas, vinagretas de todo tipo, escabeches y platos más elaborados. Son vinagres que aportan un punto ácido y refrescante, característico de todos los vinagres, y los sabores y aromas del vino del que partimos.


Finca La Rosala nace principalmente, por la pasión por los “panchitos”, nombre que se le da al cacahuete en nuestra comarca y que tostaba el gran “Angelito”, miembro de una familia artesana que ha tostado frutos secos en horno de leña desde principios del siglo XIX.

Los frutos secos más populares de la finca Rosala, unidos en un cocktail dulce y delicioso: Cacahuetes sin piel, Almendras Valencia, Avellanas sin piel y Pecanas, tostados a mano con una mixtura especial de azúcar de caña integral. Ideal para maravillar a cualquier “foodie”.


Artesanos Méndez is a family business located in Cañada Rosal (Seville). Los excelentes resultados obtenidos en la elaboración del pan y el prestigio creciente adquirido por su productos, empujaron a evolucionar desde una simple panadería local a una empresa destacada del sector de la panificación y la pastelería industrial.

Palitos de sésamo elaborados con harina de trigo y aceite de oliva virgen extra. Son especialmente sabrosos y de textura suave (agalletada). Un acompañante ideal en tus comidas, además de un fantástico tentempié por ser una fuente de hidratos de carbono.

La familia de Artesanos Méndez a lo largo de su proceso de producción, aunque mecanizado, es especialmente respetuosa en su afán por reproducir los modos de elaboración artesanos, utilizando materias primas de primera calidad.


Desde el respeto a la tradición y la elaboración esmerada de sus productos, han evolucionado convirtiéndose en una moderna e innovadora industria, manteniendo la autenticidad de las preparaciones, utilizando los mejores ingredientes y las materias primas más selectas, con especial atención a los aspectos nutricionales.

Elaboradas con harina de trigo, aceite de oliva virgen extra y con semillas de sésamo, famoso por ser una fuente nutricional de alto valor biológico. La familia de Artesanos Méndez a lo largo de su proceso de producción, aunque mecanizado, es especialmente respetuosa en su afán por reproducir los modos de elaboración artesanos, utilizando materias primas de primera calidad.


Claramunt Extra Virgin, es un Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra, AOVE, que se presenta en cuatro variedades, cultivadas en la falda de la Loma en el término Municipal de Baeza. Cada año la naturaleza aporta unas singula- ridades propias a la cosecha que determinan aromas y matices singulares y únicos en los AOVEs. Esto hace del aceite un producto vivo y dinámico.

La variedad Picual 2020 es la variedad andaluza por antonomasia, tradición, bruma, volumen, nieve. Córdoba y Jaén se aúnan para ofrecer al mundo un producto único, especial lleno de vida y alegría, nuestro picual…

Aceite de frutado verde intenso con reminiscencias a bosque mediterra- neo. su aroma único esta perfilado por la planta del tomate, la piel del platano y plantas aromáticas, unidas por una almendra verde distinguida y envolvente.


Miguel España Muñoz funda a la edad de 32 años en 1985 la empresa familiar España e Hijos, en la provincia de Toledo con el afán de trasmitir los conoci- mientos adquiridos en su experiencia en el sector. Hoy en día es una empresa joven, moderna y dinámica, que cumple con todas las normas de calidad que establecen desde la comunidad Económica Europea y los mejores certificados de calidad a nivel mundial

The great reserve loin is a top quality piece, which after an exhaustive and pampered selection of raw materials, and a controlled curing process offers a product of the highest quality worthy of the most demanding palates. Rolled into thin slices, you will be able to perceive all the nuances of this product on your palate.


En abril de 2016 nace la marca CHABUCA (que pertenece al grupo Anchoas Revilla) ofreciéndole una exquisita y variada selección de productos en los que descubrirá sabores y texturas que le recordarán a “la Mar”.

El pastel de cabracho se elabora artesanalmente con materia prima de máxima calidad en su fábrica de Santoña (Cantabria). Este pastel se elabora con pescado blanco, fuente de proteínas de alto valor biológico y vitaminas del complejo B, lo que hace que sea único y de primera calidad.


Brújula pertenece a una selecta minoría de conservas que se integran en la oferta gastronómica de los mejores restaurante de la gastronomía española. It has become a benchmark in the field of sea canning. The pillar on which La Brújula sits is its raw material. Only top quality, native and natural seafood and fish are used, caught using traditional methods that guarantee their highest quality.

Conserva preparada con una selección de los mejores chipirones pescados con anzuelo y elaborado con una receta tradicional que mantiene en secreto nuestra cocinera de La Fábrica. It is cleaned by hand of any part that is not noble (eyes, mouth, etc.) and it is turned over manually to fill its interior with the tentacles of the squid itself.

It is a fresh product, ready to eat at any time.


Since 1984, Conservas Adolfo Sádaba has been selecting the best vegetables from the Navarra garden and from other areas of Spain where the best varieties of each vegetable are found. Con el aval de 30 años de andadura, dispone de una amplia variedad de conser- vas, con un nivel de calidad difícilmente superable.

A diferencia de las fabes, la alubia o fabe verdina es una de las joyas de la gastronomía cantábrica. Sus rasgos principales son el tamaño, más pequeñas que las fabes asturianas, y su color, verdes. De hecho, su intenso color verde proviene de la gran cantidad de savia que riega la planta en el preciso momento de su recolección; un breve instante en la vida de la planta que llega cuando la alubia ya está madura, pero la vaina conserva esta fuerte tonalidad verde.

Las alubias verdinas de Adolfo Sádaba no incorporan ningún tipo de conservante que pueda desvirtuar su sabor, textura y color original. Se trata de uno de los productos asturianos más desconocidos al tiempo que preciados de la gastronomía nacional


Adolfo Sádaba no solo apuesta por las verduras de La Ribera, si no también quieren llegar más allá a otro tipo de productos como son la frutas en conserva.

Adolfo Sádaba selecciona los mejores melocotones de la ribera del Ebro. Pelados a mano y envasados sin ningún tipo de ácidos, aditivos o conservantes artificia- les, solo con el agua y el azúcar del almíbar, le trae este manjar tan típico de nuestra geografía para que pueda disfrutar de él durante todo el año.

Este producto tiene multiples beneficios para dietas de adelgazamiento por su alto contenido en agua (86%-89%) y por ser rico en hidratos de carbono; asimismo, previene de problemas cardiovasculares y degenerativos y ayuda a controlar el azúcar en sangre. La mejor fruta para nuestras despensas.


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